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About Me

I graduated with my Associate's in Computer Information Science October 23, 2018 from the University of Phoenix.
I work in technology (CloudOps/DevOps) and have a day job, but wanted to expand my horizons.

I chose massage therapy not only because of the feedback I received, but also to help people feel better. My goal with massage therapy is to help improve circulation, movement and overall health and wellness. It's such a reward to help someone achieve enhanced mobility, comfort and enjoy a relaxing time while on the table.

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About the Massage

I offer 60 minute, 90 minute, 120 minute, and 180 minute sessions.
I offer massage out of the privacy of my apartment where soft music will play. Light, temperature, volume and pressure are all adjustable to suit your comfort.

If you've never had a massage with me, please plan to arrive up to 5-10 minutes early for the massage so we can get started on your intake forms and interview as quick as possible. Just some quick paperwork the state ensures I complete in order to maintain my license. The interview helps me better understand your focus areas and what to avoid and to make sure you're getting the best massage for you.

Allergen Warning: My goto substance is Coconut Oil. If you are allergic or dislike, please let me know in advance and we can accommodate by ensuring alternative substances are available.

The sheets I use are cleaned with "free and clear": no fragrance, no dyes, no harsh chemicals. So rest assured for those who have sensitive skin; you won't have to worry about allergens in the sheets. I also only use the best sheets! You won't be on some cheap 200-400-thread sheets. The sheets I use are 600-thread count and higher. This not only ensures privacy by not being too thin, but also provide additional comfort via fine quality threads.
I also have a table warmer for added comfort and luxury (which is great for the winter months).
Additionally, I have full cotton blankets. Cotton is more breathable and softer than polyester, which provides additional comfort and relaxation.

Massage Therapists, in general, do not prescribe, treat, or diagnose. This is a holistic approach to wellness and relaxation.


My prices are as follows:

  • $90: 60 minute massage
  • $120: 90 minute massage
  • $150: 120 minute massage
  • $225: 180 minute massage

I welcome you to call/text/email me and book an appointment today!
I have a new booking site at that I am exploring as a means to automating my calendar. This is subject to change in the future, but for now, it's a step in the right direction for me. I hope the experience is easy for you.

License Number: MT135759.